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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

What does this mean to cataract patients?

Unlike basic cataract surgery, patients can now enjoy the benefits of laser, computer-guided laser surgery.  This technologically advanced alternative to manual cataract surgery begins a new era of cataract surgery innovation! 


Basic manual cataract surgery is a complex surgical procedure that has been safely performed for years.  However, even in the hands of the best surgeons, there is some variability in how each step is performed.  This can lead to a variety of outcomes, usually resulting in the need for eyeglasses following surgery.


Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery allows for a more precise cataract surgery experience.  After capturing a 3-D scan of your eye, unique specifications are programmed into the laser for the development of a customized surgical plan.  The computer guided laser, under the operation of Dr. Smith, will then:

•    Create a surgical incision

•    Treat astigmatism, if needed

•    Open the lens capsule and allow access to the cataract

•    Break up the cataract for thorough removal


The results...  optimized and customized vision to meet your personal needs!

Optimized Cataract 

Surgery Plans


Basic cataract surgery places a standard intraocular lens implant (IOL) into the eye.  The basic procedure does not correct any irregularities in the eye that would require corrective lenses postoperatively.  Following basic cataract surgery many patients are still dependent on glasses or contact lenses.  


Take advantage of today’s technology and have your cataract surgery be life changing!  Our Optimized Cataract Surgery Plans allow most patients to see better than ever without corrective lenses.


What is an Optimized Cataract Surgery Plan?

Our Optimized Cataract Surgery Plans include a comprehensive set of additional testing, services, and procedures that give you the best possible vision results.  Each plan is customized to meet your needs. 

We offer these additional services within our Optimized Cataract Surgery Plans:

• Topographical map (image of the eye’s surface).  This is used by

   Dr. Smith to help correct astigmatism.  This map can also be

   beneficial in screening for various corneal issues.

• CT scan of the eye to aid Dr. Smith in analyzing overall 

   vision health.

• Premium cataract lens implants.  These implants exceed basic

   cataract implants by  correcting astigmatism, distance or near

   vision, and higher order irregularities of the eye.

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